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Trinidad’s First Music Station
The #1 Station in the Adult Contemporary Market
The #1 Station for 18 – 40 years
The #1 Rated Station with a whooping 39% of the Adult Contemporary Market.
Mixed Ethnicity
Higher percentage in the female market
Delivers twice the audience of the closest competitor
Power and creativity in designing, customising and executing target driven promotions
The Best Mix of Music 80’s to today
Music with attitude/personality drive
Listeners with Purchasing Power




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  • 95 In Concert … The Spotlight
  • E News
  • Life Style Choices
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95.1 In Concert

The Best Music … The Best Ideas
All come together on The Best Mix.

We have created an X Plosive two (2) hour musical extravaganza for your listening pleasure. A mixture of old and new music will be showcased, during our two (2) hour musical journey.

Since its launch in October 2005 we have been getting excellent reviews.  You will hear the likes of … Police, Eagles, Alicia Keys, Queen, Michael Bolton, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, George Michael,
Lionel Richie, Bryan Adams, Britney Spears, Madonna, The Rolling Stones and several other Artistes.

The Time:     8:01 p.m. through 10:00 p.m.
The Date:    Every Wednesday Night

The time has come to sit back and enjoy Wednesday Nights, as we present The Spotlight.


Lifestyle Choices


The Time Is Now


Make a change today from those old habits.  This is a comment, which I am sure you would have heard several times.  This seems to be the norm now. Every body that is any body is taking a good look at the way they eat, the way they look, their posture, and every thing, which goes with a Healthy Life Style. Obviously whatever the needs are this would differ from person to person. Some feel it is about a great breakfast, others feel it is about exercise, while there is a third group who believe, that having a great night rest is all that matters.

Whatever your orientation, 95.1FM believes that we can assist in charting a course, for you regarding your Life Style Choices.

Is your Product Ideal?


Ensuring that your consumers start the day with your product top of mind is sometimes challenging.  However, ensuring that your consumers understand that you are promoting healthy Habits is important.

* Do you have a cereal, or food, which promotes healthy living?

* Do you have a skin care product, which you feel once used will assist in ensuring that the consumer is well served with a great appearance for the balance of the day?

* What about ensuring that you have a proper breakfast and a vitamin, which would allow for additional nutritional value.

* Do you feel the need to promote the importance of having great skin care,  which can only be resultant in having great skin.

Life Style Choices …
You have been given the first option. Looking forward to forging a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Thanking you in advance.

Greta Caines

Brand Manager                   
95.1 FM…The Best Mix

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